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Trinity Metro

Contract Administration

Contract Administration                     

The Trinity Metro Contract Administration and Procurement Department is responsible for the procurement of all commodities, services, professional services, and construction required by Trinity Metro in accordance with sound public contracting policies and procedures.  The department has a staff of professionals who administer contracts and purchase orders.  Most contractual agreements are fixed-price in nature and are purchased through competitive processes using the "Invitation for Bids" method of procurement (low, responsive, responsible bid) or the "Request for Proposal" method (best responsive and responsible proposal) at established thresholds.

Solicitation Time        

Generally, there's a 30-day period between the time solicitations are issued and bids/proposals are due back to Trinity Metro.  This may vary, depending upon the complexity of the solicitation involved.


When there are official changes to a solicitation, potential suppliers are required to acknowledge receipt of the addendums.  Failure to do so could result in rejection of the offer.

Pre-Bid/Proposal Conferences

When scheduled, these meetings provide an opportunity for potential suppliers to ask questions about a solicitation.  This is also an excellent networking opportunity for prime vendors and subcontractors.

Restricted Communications

Unless otherwise authorized in Trinity Metro's solicitation packages, potential suppliers should restrict their communications with Trinity Metro to only those persons specified in the solicitation package.  Communications by potential suppliers with unauthorized personnel (technical representatives or board members) could lead to rejection of your bid/proposal.

Bid Submittal

Solicitations can be downloaded from Trinity Metro’s website and the bids can be submitted in hard copy. Please follow the instructions within the solicitation in order to submit your bid/proposal in hard copy form.

Trinity Metro’s preferred method of issuing solicitation’s is electronically through our Bonfire Portal. Review of the solicitations, all addendums, forms, instructions and question submittal can be completed through Bonfire. Here is the link to the Trinity Metro Bonfire Portal.

Public Bid Openings

Due to the current social distancing requirements, the results of all  bid openings will be posted to Trinity Metro’s website and on the company’s electronic bid portal Bonfire within 24 hours of the submission deadline. Requests for Proposal (RFPs) responses, however, are not opened publicly.