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Trinity Metro

Contract Administration & Procurement

The Trinity Metro Contract Administration & Procurement Department is centralized department responsible for:

  • Purchasing supplies and services for operations of Trinity Metro
  • Issuing solicitations and contracts for procurements by Trinity Metro
  • Disposing of surplus supplies

How to Become A Vendor with Trinity Metro
In order to provide services or goods for Trinity Metro, please download and complete the Vendor Data Form. Once completed, attach a copy of your company’s most recent W9 and current Certificate of Insurance. This information will be used for internal purposes only. Please send all requested documents to

New Vendor Information Form
Vendor Information Update Form

Authorization Agreement for Electronic Fund Transfer (ACH)
This authorization agreement grants Trinity Metro permission to initiate ACH credit entries for the goods and/or services provided using the account number given. This agreement only allows electronic funds transfer (EFT) method of payment from Trinity Metro to the Supplier’s account. Please complete the authorization agreement and return along with a voided check or bank letter showing the account number and bank routing number. Please send the completed Authorization Agreement along with a voided check or bank letter to

ACH Form Download

Trinity Metro Commodity Codes
Trinity Metro utilizes commodity codes for classification of goods and/or services. Please review this list and include the codes best used to describe the good(s) or service(s) your company provides at the bottom of the Vendor Data Form.

Trinity Metro Commodity Codes List

The Trinity Metro Contract Administration and Procurement Department seeks to do business with reliable suppliers to keep our operations running smoothly. We encourage you to register as a potential supplier to view current solicitations.